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Radiant Tube Heater Or Bundle Rod Heater

Bundle rod heaters consists of circular ceramic beads that hold the heating elements. They are designed for long life and maintenance free operation. The elements can be provided in almost any diameter but the standard dimensions available are 68 to 170mm. These heaters can be used as standalone elements or inside radiant tubes. Because of the ingenious design, bundle rod heater can deliver a much higher power than conventional heaters. In combination with the radiant tubes, a system is created which delivers high power, is rugged, versatile and low maintenance. 

Radiant Tube Heater is used when furnaces are operating under certain atmosphere condition, whether it is oxidizing, reducing, or even inert atmosphere. Electrical Heater will transfer heat indirectly through radiant tube, which gives better uniformity to the furnace and most importantly preventing atmosphere inside the furnace to exit the furnace or directly reacting with the heating elements. We provide many grades of the radiant tube depending on the atmosphere conditions: SS310, SS314, APM Tube, 353 MA, 253 MA, HK40

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