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Welcome to PT. Tempsens Asia Jaya. We are a company that established since 2000 engaged in industrial Sensor Instrument, Thermocouple, Heater Pemanas, Cable, Accessories , Special Products. We were in Jl. Jembatan Tiga Raya No. 6C. Discover the variety of our best products (Heating System, Thermocouple, Temperature Recorder, Kabel Instrumen, Kawat Khantal, Kabel Thermocouple) with quality and the best price you can get.


Selling Thermocouple Indonesia

Thermocouple is a temperature sensor that can measure temperature with intermediaries of different types of metals. In addition, the thermocouple is also a device that can convert heat into electrical energy. In this system this thermocouple can also be used in an opposite way using electrical energy to convert into other energy such as heat or cold.

At first the thermocouple was discovered by a scientist named Thomas Johann Seebeck in discovering a type of metal that has a conductor function that is capable of producing electrical voltage in 1821 and until now this thermocouple continues to expand to various countries including Indonesia. We are PT. Tempsens Asia Jaya since 2000 is committed to selling Thermocouple products with high quality and can be relied on for your needs. Armed with more than 10 years we have had from various industries and companies by selling Indonesian thermocouple.

The industries we handle include:

Steel industry
With the many needs of iron in Indonesia, many of the steel industry in Indonesia for this we present selling various types of thermocuple and its accessories for the needs of the steel industry in Indonesia.

Metal Casting Industry
Metal casting is an industrial material process that consists of molten metal into a mold so that it can change to have a certain shape. In the process of melting metal into liquid requires heat that has a high temperature with this requirement we have products that can be used for heat sensors or thermocouple and all accessories.

Cement Industry
We sell various types of temperature or thermocouple sensors that can be used for various industrial needs including the needs of the cement industry. The cement industry is also inseparable with the heating process in processing cement into cement that is well used in the industrial world in Indonesia.

Power Generation Industry
Electricity needs are basic needs for everyone including the needs of the power generation industry. In the world of electricity industry has many needs for various cables and also needs such as temperature sensors to support the system on electric machines functioning properly. We are PT. Tempsens Asia Jaya sells tools, wires, thermocouple temperature sensors related to systems in the power generation industry.

In addition there are still many other industrial industries such as the aluminum industry, ceramic glass, petrochemical and other industrial industries that require temperature sensors on machines, industrial systems and other systems related to thermocouple in the industrial field. We also have Laboratories & Testing that are used for calibration of existing systems.

We are a company engaged in the field of Heating System, Thermocouple and Instrument industries in Indonesia. So if you are looking for a company that sells Thermocouple Indonesia, and various other Heating System needs, we are the company that you are looking for. Contact us and get the best price from us.



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